Time is running out.

Soil degradation, agricultural runoff, and declines in nutrient density are the greatest threats to humanity’s ability to feed itself.  

Synthetic agricultural chemicals and fertilizers deplete soil carbon and cause runoff, making conventional farming practices unsustainable.

Grow Smarter

These agricultural chemicals and fertilizers are damaging the planet and failing to provide the nutrient-rich food people need. 

A new generation of breakthrough agricultural technologies is needed to help farmers operate more sustainably and profitability.

That’s where Lucent Biosciences comes in.

Lucent BioSciences Is Revolutionizing Agriculture.

Current micronutrient fertilizers like chelates, oxides, and oxy-sulphates are expensive, hard to use, pollute soil and groundwater, and are typically ineffective in high-alkaline soil.

Lucent Biosciences is the only Agtech company whose proprietary technology creates carbon-neutral and non-polluting fertilizers that do not tie-up in the soil but actually regenerate the land.

Visit our Product Page to learn more about our solutions, Nutreos and Soileos.

Working With Nature to Help Nature

We’re on a mission to address the impact of climate change on food security and nutrition with sustainable, carbon-neutral, and non-polluting fertilizers that regenerate soils and help farmers improve yields and grow higher quality crops.

Micronutrient deficiency and climate change impact billions of people every year. Our solutions were developed as a response to the global crises of:

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