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Sustainable Solutions for Agriculture

Innovation at Lucent Bio focuses on how we can better use resources and become a catalyst in the industry for sustainable development. Lucent Bio creates an avenue for the agri-food community to enhance environmental stewardship, improve resource management, and become leaders in sustainable agriculture.

Don’t Relinquish Profitability for Sustainability

Farmers who grow with Soileos have an environmentally-safe bottom line. Soileos is an innovative fertilizer designed to stay in your soil for long-term benefits that increase your investment return.

Greenhouse Plants

Environmental Impact

In early 2022 Lucent Bio contracted two independent consultants to provide insight into the environmental footprint of manufacturing Soileos and using Soileos to grow corn (MB), soybean (ON), and canola (SK). It was found that the GHG-related manufacturing footprint of Soileos is 63% less than that of oxysulfates and 73% less than that of EDTA, per tonne of fertilizer manufactured. These studies also found that compared to a base case where food processing residuals are used to make animal feed, using such residuals to make Soileos instead creates significant climate change-related benefits. Per tonne of Soileos applied, the t CO2e benefit was estimated to be 6.3 for corn, 7.8 for soybeans, and 8.2 for canola. These benefits combine increased levels of soil organic carbon and land use change-related benefits.

Currently, Soileos is in use on roughly 6,000 acres in Canada and the USA. Soileos production capacity will significantly increase in 2023 with the completion of our new 20 tonnes per day manufacturing facility in Rosetown, Saskatchewan.

Icms Field Trials Application 2021

A Circular and Sustainable Agri-Food Sector

Lucent Bio aims to educate about and support the transition to a circular and sustainable agri-food sector. This has been done by developing a clean manufacturing method that upcycles agriculture and food processing cellulose-rich co-products into a sustainable source of crop nutrients. Soileos, a plant-based bioactivated fertilizer, is positioned to replace conventional synthetic fertilizers with non-polluting, sustainable alternatives that increase yields; improve crop nutrient density; improve soil health, and increase soil carbon levels.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Lucent Bio’s technology addresses four important UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption & Production, Climate Action, and Life on Land

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We work with a network of experienced local retailers ready to help you find the best solution for your farm’s needs.

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