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Reinventing Crop Nutrition

Lucent Biosciences accelerates sustainable agriculture by delivering crop nutrition that improves yield and soil health while sequestering carbon.

And the industry is taking notice. We’ve raised $19 million from Protein Industries Canada Supercluster and a consortium of companies to help Canadian farmers further improve their substantiality and reduce carbon emissions through the commercialization of a new micronutrient fertilizer. The investment by Protein Industries Canada was announced by the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry and the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

Lucent Bio’s flagship technology—Soileos®—is a sustainable, non-polluting, climate-positive micronutrient fertilizer created from the upcycling of pea, lentil, and oat hulls – co-products from food processing. This approach makes a circular economy showcase, with crop residues becoming fertilizer that will be applied to the field to help grow the next crop. Made with patented technology, Soileos® is a bioavailable crop nutrition product where nutrients are only released under biological processes from the crops and the soil microbiome. The use of Soileos increases revenues for both farmers and food processors.

Science Driven, Field Proven, Soil Nutrient Innovations.

Soileos is:

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Climate Positive

Soileos increases soil carbon and helps mitigate climate change impacts by contributing to improved soil health and productive agricultural ecosystems.

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Non-Leaching and Non-Polluting

Using patented cellulose-based technology, Soileos is water insoluble and does not tie up in the soil.

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Part of the Circular Economy

By upcycling low-value food processing co-products into a climate positive fertilizer, these materials become fertilizer that creates the next harvest.

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Soileos is a plant-based product made from upcycled food processing cellulose-rich co-products, such as pea and lentil hulls.

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Soileos works to repair damaged soil by returning carbon and supporting life below ground. Soileos increases microbial activity, enhances nutrient cycling and improves soil health.

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A Nutrient Density Booster

Our health and the health of our soils are connected. Soileos provides crops with bioavailable nutrients, resulting in higher nutrient uptake.