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Climate-Smart Agriculture Innovations

Soileos is a suite of climate-positive, innovative fertilizers that solve the micronutrient delivery problems of today while improving the land for tomorrow.

The Fertilizer of the Future

Current micronutrient fertilizers cannot deliver the right amount of nutrients when the plant needs them. Soileos provides a sustainable and regenerative solution for micronutrient management in modern farming practices.

Bio-Activated Release of Micronutrients

The team at Lucent Bio has developed a patented technology that binds micronutrients to cellulose and uses the soil’s natural biological activity to release nutrients to the crops as required. Instead of simply releasing them all at once as other fertilizers do, cellulose-bound nutrients are delivered to the crops in the same environmentally sustainable way ecosystems have evolved for thousands of years. Nutrients delivered from Soileos to the crop lean on the symbiotic relationship of microbes in the soil; micronutrients are slowly released from the cellulose of Soileos through microbial mineralization. This is why we call Soileos Bio-Activated.

Research shows that Soileos triggers an increase of microbial biomass due to the biologically available carbon source in Soileos. As the bioavailable carbon is consumed, the microbial community begins to cycle, releasing the micronutrients back into the ecosystem in a bioavailable form ready for crop uptake.

Soileos utilizes a technology designed by nature; soil microbes and plants have evolved to work together to provide essential micronutrients to crops.

Soil microbes, our health, and the health of our planet are all connected. Regenerative farming practices help us fight the climate crisis by sequestering carbon in the ground, and healthy soil is critical for carbon sequestration.

In the fight between Agriculture and the climate crisis, regenerative farming is how we win. And Soileos is the ace in your back pocket. Download the Mode of Action Whitepaper.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our holistic and proprietary manufacturing process takes steps to achieve sustainable, circular management of resources. Lucent bio has developed a clean, multi-step manufacturing process backed by green chemistry. We design out waste by:

  • Innovating based on natural design
  • Maximizing resource efficiency by favouring local resources where possible
  • Adopting a cradle-to-cradle approach to ensure eco-effectiveness
  • Practising Industrial symbiosis and eradicating the idea of a ‘waste-product’
  • Reinvesting in natural capitalism—closing the loop on systems
  • Supporting regenerative design—reusing materials, managing carbon, ensure water stewardship and social equity

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