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Enrich Your Soils ROI

Do You and Your Growers use Micronutrients in Your Nutrient Management Plan?

Micronutrients for crop production will help farmers beat the bushels per acre barrier. 

Micronutrients such as zinc, iron, and manganese are essential for plant health and optimal crop production and can increase yields by up to 10%. Little innovation has taken place since the introduction of sulphates and EDTA chelates. Until Soileos. 

Soileos is a novel climate-positive crop nutrition product developed to help farmers boost their yields and facilitate long-term stewardship of farmland and natural resources. This patented technology provides a different kind of crop nutrition product that helps solve micronutrient deficiencies before they impact your crop. Soileos is a soil-applied pellet that enhances yields, increases crop quality, improves nutrient availability, resists tie-up and leaching, and increases soil microbial biomass.