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Agriculture Solutions

Proven Sustainability, Driven by Science

Climate-Smart Solutions Without Compromise

At Lucent Bio, we redefine the future of agriculture with our suite of cutting-edge crop input solutions, dedicated to propelling a sustainable agri-food system. Explore the synergy of nature and technology with Soileos, Nutreos and Agreos—each a commitment to climate-positive practices, enhanced crop nutrition, and environmental responsibility.

Our Products

Soileos: Unlock Soil Performance

Grow smarter with Soileos, our science-driven, field-proven, and bio-activated micronutrient solution. Engineered for optimal nutrient delivery, Soileos confidently increases yields while promoting soil health and carbon sequestration. Harnessing repurposed cellulose from agricultural residues, Soileos ensures a sustainable nutrient cycling mechanism, contributing to the health of agricultural ecosystems. Its low salt index, easy application, and compatibility with conventional farming equipment make Soileos the smart choice for growers seeking superior crops and a positive environmental impact.

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Nutreos: Enhance Crop Establishment

Enhance the potential of your seeds with Nutreos, a non-toxic, microplastic-free seed coating designed for enhanced germination and emergence. This breakthrough in micronutrient seed treatment ensures strong vigour and optimal crop establishment without compromising on environmental sustainability. Nutreos, with its plant-based and biodegradable formula, delivers essential nutrients—copper, iron, manganese, and zinc—giving your seeds the nutrition they need to thrive right from the start.

Agreos: Preserve Yield Potential

Step into the future of controlled-release fertilizers with Agreos, where climate-smart solutions meet precision agriculture. Agreos reinvents controlled-release fertilizer coatings, offering a microplastic-free, biodegradable alternative that optimizes nutrient delivery, reduces N2O emissions, and upcycles plant-based biopolymers. Customized coatings tailored to diverse agricultural environments and a commitment to circular economy practices make Agreos a valuable choice for maximizing performance while minimizing environmental impact.

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Lucent Bio stands at the forefront of agri-food innovation, providing solutions without compromise. Join us in cultivating a sustainable future, where agriculture thrives through science-driven practices, field-proven excellence, and a dedication to environmental stewardship. 

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