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Grow Smarter with Soileos

Science Driven. Field Proven. Bio-Activated.

Climate-Smart Solutions Without Compromise

Soileos is a soil-applied micronutrient that keeps nutrients where your crop needs them, preventing them from being tied up in the soil or leached away, making it the best choice for meeting your crop’s nutritional needs. Soileos is climate positive and increases crop yields (Check out our ROI Calculator). Its low salt index empowers farmers to grow better crops while improving soil health and sequestering carbon. Soileos works with conventional farming equipment, so no special requirements are needed.

Soileos uses repurposed cellulose and nutrient cycling through soil microbes as the delivery substrate for essential plant nutrients instead of synthetic molecules like EDTA. The repurposed cellulose used for Soileos comes from agricultural residues such as pea hulls, rice husks, and lentil husks, providing the added benefit of natural decomposition nutrient cycling with the help of soil microbes.

4R Nutrient Stewardship

Right Source

At Lucent Bio, we set out to make the best sources of crop nutrition by upcycling co-products from the food processing industry. Our proprietary technology attaches nutrients to fibre, so they are only released through microbial action. This results in superior nutrient uptake compared to conventional sources.

Right Rate

In many of our product trials, we see a superior response from Soileos compared to sulfate-based competitor products applied at greater rates. One of the biggest things we’ve found is that several key parameters (e.g. organic matter, pH, baseline nutrient concentration) that we would typically analyze and make recommendations from are not necessarily predictive of a yield response to Soileos. We’ve seen rates of 10-15 lbs/acre provide a meaningful ROI in most scenarios. Our zinc product delivers 1-1.5 lbs of actual zinc per acre while also achieving product distribution. This is more than the removal rate of most crops, so additional zinc would be expected to be available for the following year’s crop. We’re investigating this as part of our IN10t research program. More to come on second and third-year benefits of applying Soileos.

Right Time

Our research has focused on spring applications of Soileos, pre-plant or at-plant. The one-time, early-season application of Soileos carries enough nutrients for an entire crop, so other applications of nutrients haven’t been necessary for our growers. Research on this topic will continue with applications of Soileos in Fall 2022 for 2023 corn and winter wheat crops. Since Soileos release is driven by microbial activity, and there isn’t much of that through the winter months, a fall application should also yield great results for the fall crop and the following corn.

Right Place

Soileos is designed to work with existing fertilizer blending and field equipment. The pellets blend well with other dry fertilizers and can be placed with air-seeders, strip-till as a side-band, 6″ deep-band, or in-furrow. Since a small amount of product is required to produce a yield response, direct placement close to the seed/seed row is best. If equipment options for dry fertilizer placement are limited and incorporate applications are also suitable for Soileos.

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